Some of our abilities

We provides our clients with deep political analysis and insights. We leverage political intelligence, experience, and know-how to develop impactful, nuanced, and targeted messaging and advocacy campaigns that leave a lasting impression on stakeholders, opinion leaders, and policymakers.

  • Research Political Intelligence
  • Issue Advocacy Campaigns
  • Crisis Communications
  • Reputation Management
  • Media Strategy, Placement, & Productions

Our team of in-house editing and post-production maestros produce campaign-winning ads. Voters remember them, are moved by them, and are more likely to believe them. We tell a story in each ad, tailor-made for your campaign. Diving into research, drafting piles of copy, and turning concepts into reality make us tick. The ads we produce win win tough fights that others call impossible

Buying the same “political” programming over and over again is easy. Digging deeper to determine what shows are being watched by target voters wins tough campaigns. No matter the target – swing voters, senior citizens, minority groups, conservative Republicans – we find out where they live and what they watch so you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

Your campaign doesn’t stop. You need a partner that can keep up. Jamestown’s team of creative, mailing and strategy professionals manage every aspect of your mail campaign – from creative conception to mailbox delivery. We know mail inside and out. From managing lists, to USPS compliance, to the weight of your paper stock, we obsess over and take care of the details so you can focus on winning.

Power Shastra specializes in designing and implementing sophisticated communications strategies for companies and organizations in any industry, of any size. Leveraging our extensive political and corporate relationships, we identify potential allies , galvanize like- minded organizations, and develop multi-tiered strategic communications and public affairs campaigns to achieve success.

Power Shastra is founded on the modern day reality that political power is derived and , fully understanding this based on extensive political campaign experience, leverages this reality for their clients by identifying, recruiting and educating the appropriate forces and transforms those resources into persuasive communication.

We offers traditional grassroots lobbying services as well as unique grasstops services, such as surgical in-state lobbying, political intelligence collection and Media Where it Matters. Our specific process features the most current and extensive national network of top-notch field operatives in the industry and, due to the “boutique” nature of the firm, Ourclients receive unparalleled personal service from its principals.

Specific Services:

  • Grasstops and Grassroots Advocacy
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Education and Research
  • Growing your PAC and Grassroots Participation
  • Grasstops and Grassroots Advocacy

Grasstops – The most effective issue campaigns combine high-volume, traditional grassroots tactics such as phones, petitions and e-mails, with highly-personal communication such as grasstops letters and face-to-face meetings. Grasstops communication, for instance, could originate from: Republican/Democrat party officials, personal friends, neighbors, former staff members, long-time campaign volunteers or significant donors. The communication from these individuals is highly persuasive because they don’t necessarily have a vested interest in the issue; their chief concern is the official’s political well-being and future. This personalized communication often has the added dividend of yielding unvarnished intelligence.

In-state coalition building – We can develop extensive in-state coalitions in any state on just about any issue. In-state coalition members would include recognized local community, civic, business and ethnic leaders. The coalition leadership would call, write and meet with the targeted official, but they would also complement on-going earned media efforts by conducting press conferences, signing op-eds and serving as local, credible spokespeople.

Media Where it Matters - Too often  public relations and public affairs firms rely on inside the beltway media to influence decision-makers. We will focus on conducting earned media “where it matters” – in the constituency. We possesses the capability to conduct bus tours and press conferences and recruit relevant, credible third parties to sign and submit op-eds and letters to the editor in local papers. We also takes advantage of electronic media, trade group press, web alerts, and weekly press to get the right messages out at the right times.

3rd Party and Expert Identification and Mobilization: Through its vast and current network of experienced field operatives We can complement public affairs efforts by quickly identifying and mobilizing relevant, credible third-party and expert spokespersons in any on just about any issue. These spokespersons can sign op-eds, appear at and participate in press conferences, and generally be made available for media interviews or quotes.

Radio Tours: Throughout most campaigns, we recommend a constant emphasis on the coordination of radio tours. The main focus of these tours is to outreach to key news stations to further our client’s message. Key local radio stations and hosts will be identified and once scheduled, an appropriate spokesperson would be interviewed and field questions from the listening area.

Speaking Tours: Power Shastra field operatives can also arrange various speaking tours. These tours involve a company/association official traveling and participating in a series of in state radio interviews, opinion leader briefings and meetings, newspaper and print interviews, and editorial board meetings.

Talk Radio Intercepts: We can monitor talk radio appearances by target policy makers and identify credible individuals to phone the radio program to inquire and advocate on the issue.

Online Advocacy and Web-based grassroots – In today’s fast-paced world of instantaneous communication, it’s important that clients add an online or web-based component to their issue campaigns. Like traditional phone or petition campaigns, web- based grassroots communication has the ability, through volume, to demonstrate breadth of support for or opposition to an issue. We offers a full suite of online advocacy services including: website development, targeted outbound e-mail communication to opinion- leaders, and online campaigns in conjunction with traditional mail, phone, and paid media communications.

Surround Strategy

“Surgical lobbying” and Business Development through Government Relations – We utilizes its national field network of key political operatives to advocate and conduct in-state or “surgical” lobbying. Our clients can also utilize this service as a way to expand market share – business development through government relations. This service is especially smart strategy when a company is seeking to expand into the state government sector or targeted local markets. We has the national network of political operatives to get our clients in front of the appropriate decision makers.

As part of its in-state lobbying services, We can coordinate a Virtual War Room during key periods of legislative activity including:

Hearings: Our operatives can coordinate with local opinion leaders to provide oral and written testimony.

Markup:Key amendment language can be delivered by opinion leaders.

Votes:From the subcommittee level through Conference, we can influence all key votes as well as provide hourly intelligence reports

State/District Office Meetings – There are few communication tactics more persuasive or compelling than a face-to-face meeting in the home state or district of elected officials. Our Strategy Group can arrange formal or informal meetings between their clients and the targeted official back home. Crosslink’s respected field operatives who have a personal and/or political relationship with the official will often serve as the brokers to facilitate the meeting and get it started with the right “tone”.

Recess Schedule – Our field operatives take advantage of Congressional recesses to turn up pressure on a Member. While they are in their district/state, our operatives can coordinate presence at all Town Hall meetings and other public events.